Saturday, January 06, 2007

Acer Webcam Screensaver

With everyone upgrading their acer laptop to clean out all the "bloat"ware, and maybe a little fine tuning of the drivers, they seem to 'lose' the acer screensaver that uses the webcam.

after much searching and testing i have finally found the screensaver and the files needed to for it to run.

here is the filelist needed to have it run correctly:
(all the files and folders are located in c:\windows\)


as you can tell, this screensaver is flash based. so all those flash programmers out there can tear it apart and customize your own webcam-enabled screensaver.

i have tested these files on my desktop computer running xp and it works. a little flash security box pops up when it accesses my webcam for the first time. then it runs just like on the laptop.

just install to the c:\windows\ folder and run it. you could also edit the acer.ini file to specify another location for the program

: acer.ini :


some other settings for the flash

: FlashSaver.dat :


i have posted the mentioned files here (updated 1/26/06)

for those who dont have a restore cd/dvd

let me know if/how to customize the .swf to use it as an active webcam screen saver.

email me if the link is dead.

Hope this helps


Help360 said...

Hello, buddy!
please reupload screensaver to - i can't get it from download link!!!
Sorry for distrub

Anonymous said...

thanks 100000000 thanks for acer screen saver

great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TopsMan said...

wow !!! your blog is increbible !

Are you the MacGyver ??? ;-)

by chance...

you know how to make a usb to parallel cable ?

i'm finding this tech a lot of time...

sorry about my english, i'm from brazil !

Anonymous said...

THNX!! I was looking for this 1 for a long time Thnx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Can someone send me the screensaver to, please???

Anonymous said...

I can't download it, it's on rapidshare, you have to pay to use that site.

Anonymous said...

just click on the "FREE" button to download. you just have to wait for the link

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Rick said...

Would you mind reposting the file?

IT seems the rapidshare file may have expired (I tried twice):

" | 2984 KB

The download session has expired. Please click here to start the download again.

Possible reasons:

The download takes to long to be saved.
For this download, in the background your Internet Service Provider has assigned a new IP address. If you are for example an AOL customer, or use a similar Service Provider, please try to use a different browser.

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:-( said...

Please update your link.

I kept searching and searching; finally I thought "I found it", but then:


Please update :-(

computerguru365 said...

this was written almost 7 years ago. you can try the vendor site for the needed software for an almost unsupported OS