Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fix that LCD Flat Panel Monitor

Fix a faulty LCD Monitor Power Supply

Problem: You have a LCD monitor that either does not turn on or turns on and off randomly. There might even be a high pitch squeal when it is on.

Solution: Replace the power supply of the monitor.

1) get a new monitor (cost: too much)
2) get a new power supply (cost: too much, that is, if you can even find one)

I will show you how easy it is to fix it with the scrap parts you already have.

I received a FREE lcd monitor (remember the cost) that would turn on but after 15 minutes or so would turn back off and would not turn on unless it was unplugged then plugged back in. After opening it up, I noticed there was a bad capacitor on the power supply. So I dug through all my spare components to find an identical (rated) capacitor.
When I got it changed out and powered back on, it still had a high pitch squeal and random power problems. So I just replaced the whole power supply.
The power supply of the monitor had 6 connections. 3 ground, 2 12volt and 1 5volt. I have several old computer power supplies, so I used one of them (cost: Free)
All I had to do was strip it down to what I needed.
Next I mounted the PS on the back of the monitor. Using the existing mounting points (for wall mount) Make some custom connections (cost: Free), so the monitor can easily be taking apart.

Connected it all together and fired it up.

Now I have a working LCD Flat Panel Monitor for a total cost of $0

Thursday, January 24, 2008

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