Friday, October 13, 2006

Phone USB Cable from Car Charger

So you dont want to cut up your phone....( if you do... )

well if your phone came with a car charger or even a desktop charger you could be in luck.

this method is fairly straightforward so ill keep it simple

first take apart the part that connects to the phone

  • NOTE: look at the pins! if there are less then three pins get another charger.
  • the charging circuit requires minimum 2 wires connected, dont count the wires, count the pins that the wires are attached to (see picture)
  • in this picture you can see the original red and black wires plus the wires i attached
next find the pinout for your charger and solder the wires from the usb cable to the connector

smash everything inside the connector and screw it back together

there. you now have a way to connect the phone to your computer via usb without cutting up the phone.

what you can do now is only limited by the phone you use

the bitpim software is very versatile
  • create your own ring tones
  • copy photos/wallpaper to and from your computer
  • backup your address book
  • use you phone as a modem
  • backup your calendar
  • etc
have fun exploring the possibilities of your phone


Anonymous said...

Another option is to buy a Motorola which already uses bog standard USB for its phones.

Anonymous said...

If you have Verizon, editing the phone via bitpim through the USB port is disabled.

Corbin said...

not really, i do it all the time. i have vx6100 and a vx8300 (lg).
i use bluetooth and bitpim on the 8300 and a usb cable on 6100. flawless.

Anonymous said...

Impossible with my new a930 and V3m :-( Damn Verizon... I wish I got other carrier's service in my house.

Anonymous said...

lookup the codes for your phone to get into the service menu. LG is menu 0. it'll ask for a password which is 00000 and viola! secret service menu. depending on your phone, you can enable a few features including stuff regarding the usb port. . remember: these phones are built with the capability. verizon just turns those functions off. just turn em' back on.

Anonymous said...

The Motorolla usb lock is very easy to get past if you do a little research and get the right phone tools from a torrent site.

Unknown said...

dos it work with the nokia model 3595

Anonymous said...

if you have a car cell phone charger does your car have to be running in order for the phone to charge????

Anonymous said...

if i have a car cell phone charger does the car have to be running in order for the phone to charge???????

Anonymous said...

need help asap

computerguru365 said...

no, the key just need to be in the right position
generally speaking you stick the key in and turn it clockwise 1 click,
then 1 more to start the engine. that first click should be enough to
"start" the electronics, ie, radio, wipers, etc. then the charger
outlet will work
turn the key counter clockwise 1 click to "start" the electronics.

hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Cool. can you do this with the iPhone?

Anonymous said...

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